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Military strikes are not the answer in Syria

August 29, 2013

Contact the President and your senators and representative. Ask them to oppose military intervention in Syria—and to support increased diplomacy and humanitarian assistance.

In the past couple of days, the war drums have gotten louder here in Washington. Ever since the horrific chemical weapons attack in Syria last week, officials here in Washington have sharpened their language and vowed to punish the Syrian government for this "moral obscenity."

While we join American officials in condemning the Syrian government's use of chemical weapons attack on its own citizens, we urge the United States to refrain from retaliating militarily. Any intervention or attack by the United States will do nothing but escalate the violence that is already unconscionable.

Instead, we urge the President and Congress to double down the United States' diplomatic efforts to achieve a negotiated political solution. Military strikes will do nothing but add another destabilizing element to an already volatile situation. On top of this, the United States must increase its humanitarian assistance as almost two million Syrians, of which one million are children, have been forced to flee their country as a result of this conflict.

As the U.S. government itself has recognized, there is no solution to the crisis other than a political one. Instead of pursuing military strikes and arming parties to the conflict, we urge the United States to intensify diplomatic efforts to stop the bloodshed, before Syria is destroyed and the region further destabilized.

These decisions could be made within the next few days, so it is imperative that the President, your Representative and Senators hear from you. Make sure your Congressmen know that you oppose any and all military intervention and that Congress should hold the President accountable. Also let them know that the U.S. does need to act by encouraging them to support increased diplomacy and increased humanitarian assistance to help stop the killing.

In God's peace,
Bryan Hanger
Advocacy Assistant
Church of the Brethren Office of Public Witness

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